Asbestos Building Inspection - In Colorado you must test building materials that may contain asbestos prior to removing them. The trigger level for this test can be as small a 32 square feet for a residential building. This test must be performed by a Certified Asbestos Building Inspector prior to any removal. Element Environmental is certified to perform these inspections and we have many years of experience handling all kinds of inspections. We have inspected everything ranging from multi-million dollar commercial projects to a simple bathroom remodel. We can take care of your project with the same knowledge and experience.

Asbestos Project Design - (Abatement Design) For larger abatement projects, which include those that will remove more than 1,000 linear feet of asbestos containing pipe insulation or 3,000 square feet on other asbestos containing materials, a project design is required. A project design must be developed by Certified Project Designer. Element Environmental can take care of your project design in a timely matter with our own staff.

Asbestos Project Manager - On larger projects that require a Project Design a Project Manager is also required. A Project Manager must have the proper experience, training, and certifications including having abatement experience, being a certified Project Designer, and an Air Monitoring Specialist. Element Environmental can offer Project Management for your project.

Asbestos Final Clearances - An Air Monitoring Specialist (AMS) is required to clear an abatement for reoccupancy. This is required on all permitted abatements. The AMS must be certified to perform these clearances. Element Environmental can perform these final clearances. Element Environmental has also participated in the AIHA (American Industrial Hygienist Association) proficiency program. This allows us to analyze the samples the same day right on site. This is beneficial for when an abatement has a tight schedule as it can save hours or days for samples needing to go to a separate lab to be analyzed.

Call    (970) 274-3139    Got Asbestos?  Call us to work with a Certified Asbestos Inspector and Air Monitoring Specialist.

Call (970) 274-3139
Got Asbestos?  Call us to work with a Certified Asbestos Inspector and Air Monitoring Specialist.