Emergency Spill Response - If an accident happens and Chemicals or Fuel has been spilled you need someone with experience to handle the situation quickly and effectively. Element Environmental has technicians that have dealt with all sizes and types of spills. These range from thousands of gallons of crude oil spilled into a Colorado River to a few gallons of Diesel fuel spilled next to the highway from a truck wreck. We have dealt with acids, flammable materials, toxic materials, unknown drum disposals, and a variety of other materials. These have been successfully cleaned remediated, and disposed of to the Local, State, and Federal standards. We have equipment and supplies to respond to these emergency’s 24hrs a day.

Environmental Restoration - After an environmental cleanup the area may need to be restored with backfill, native soils, and vegetation. Element Environmental can put the site back together, reestablish the vegetation, and get it back to pre-loss condition.

Soil and Water Testing - Soil and water testing may need to be performed for a variety of reasons. These include environmental spills or releases or dewatering permits. Element Environmental can perform this testing with years of experience.

Biohazard - (Crime scene cleanup, Blood, Trauma, Suicide) A Biohazard cleanup should be handled by someone trained to safely handle the hazardous material correctly. Element Environmental has years of experience in cleaning and handling bio hazardous materials. We also know that this can be a very stressful and sad time and we handle the situation with professionalism and tact. Element Environmental can handle the cleanup, disposal, and help you with the insurance company.


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